The title of this documentary could be TOMORROW’S WAR, TODAY. In “WAteRdrops” you’ll find out that the war on water is not a future probability, but it’s a reality familiar to some of our fellow citizens for many years now. And today it’s ante portas for everyone. The Greek title of the film refers to the struggles for the drops of life and it’s about that story exactly: the unknown struggles of our fellow citizens, in stories that never made the news, while water is irreversibly destroyed in the name of “development”. In many cases, these struggles were not even mentioned by the social movements supporting water as a public commodity. Privatisation has a dark side, integral and longterm.

Our place of choice Greece. Using different case studies all over the country we will try to show the multiple dangers emerging from both recent and older maladies of water management for private profit. We have five destinations: Thessaloniki, Apopigadi, Eastern Chalkidiki, Asopos river and Volos. These are five cases of (intended) privatisation and at the same time examples of privatisation plans that exist in other areas of Greece too. Through these five examples, we’ll try to present all the dangers water faces in Greece.

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