Our team does not have enough resources at this point, but we don’t want to be obliged to one financial contributor for obvious reasons. That’s why we are asking you, all those interested in our subject, to help us. Your support is vital for us in order to complete the documentary. We ask all persons and groups to financially support us, since we believe it’s better to cover our costs (traveling, gear, work) with money from many sources rather than from one. This is due to the economic situation (nobody has enough money), the political situation (those that have enough money are not interested in this reasearch or they are not allowed to be interested in order to keep having enough money) and the research itself: our intention is an independent research which cannot happen when there’s a commitment to a specific financial contributor. All those willful to help, should trust our team. Our reseach should be independent and we will not accept any interference. Our goal is to set high standards for both research and aesthetic value of the documentary and produce a professional product.

Our contribution philosophy is only a little money by many people, no to much money by a few. Any amount is useful. We won’t address political parties or state agencies and institutions, except of the Unions of water companies workers, who, in our view, should be a part of all this. You can contribute through our Paypal Donation button or by depositing to our bank account.


Of course, there are other ways you can help us. Send us information, share our stuff, organize public screenings, let people know in your neighborhood or in the whole world, act as a ring in the chain of information spreading to let people know about the dangers water faces today.

Our documentary will be freely available on the internet. We want you to watch it with friends or organize public screenings and promote it in any way. Of course, this should be done on a non-profit, no-ticket basis – you can have a free financial contribution for the support of our documentary. Let us know what you’re planning, so we can help you spread the word.

We only depend on you!

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